April 19, 2024
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Get Free Unlimited Cloud Storage From Telegram

Use Telegram’s little-known API to upload and share large files with anyone in the world.

TeleDrive (https://teledriveapp.com/) is a project which you can use as your storage. You log in using your Telegram account, link it with TeleDrive, and you’re free to upload as many files as you want for free. You’re only limited by the bandwidth: 1.5 GB daily bandwidth, and a 2 GB upload and download limit. Both can be removed by paying a $10/year fee, if you wanted.

TeleDrive also has the privacy part sorted: It uses Telegram’s own storage, so it’s private by default, and it will also be available in the Saved Messages section in your Telegram app.

Source : https://teledriveapp.com/

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