March 4, 2024

Chandigarh University shook India

The private university near Mohali in Punjab made it to the headlines with its tragic incident. The horrible incident shook the whole of India on 18th September. A girl of the university hostel was accused of recording videos of 60+ girls bathing and sending those videos to a Shimla boy.

 Multiple videos went viral on social media where the accused was seen being confronted by the other girls of the hostel. Another video was seen where the accused girl accepted being guilty.

 After the students came to know about the incident, they came out in huge numbers to protest and demanded justice for the victims. Unable to calm down the agitated students, the authorities called the police and eventually the police were also compelled to use lathi charge. But that didn’t cool down the students protesting out there for their fellowmates. It was even said that though the girl accepted that she was at fault, the police and the authorities clarified that she made videos of herself and sent them to her boyfriend.

Not satisfied with the police action and university response, the students kept protesting all through out the night. Eventually, the police and the administration agreed to form an SIT to look into the matter. Two more accused in the case were also arrested from Shimla, including the accused girl’s friend who received the videos from her.

 What interestingly has gained more attention is the response of the police and the administration towards the matter. On being questioned, both the parties denied all the accusations and tried to lighten up the case by saying that the accused recorded videos of herself and sent them to her boyfriend. But as the case is getting thoroughly investigated, two people in Shimla related to the case were arrested and the accused’s phone is sent for forensic. It is hoped that the forensic result may shed new light.

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