July 16, 2024


Telepathy is source of communication between two people’s mind without any form of communication between them

Its a form of sending one person’s emotions,feelings and thoughts to another person’s mind without any form of physical transmission between them.As telepathy can neither be seen nor measured so it is usually regarded as myth but recently science experiments took place that show certain evidence of transfering information and feelings from one person’s mind to another.


This phenomenon doesnt involve all physical five senses.Even in animals telepathy has been observed. Even everyone has experienced this atleast once in their lifetime either with their close friends or family members.When our close ones knew exactly what we are feeling or thinking even without telling them.This all happens because of telepathy in work.Telepathy can be improved by focusing on own thoughts and calm your mind by doing meditation and yoga.Try to visualise person with whom telepathy want to perform.Telepathy usually occurs between close people because of their attachment to each other’s mind so they can easily transfer their thoughts from one person to another without involvement of five senses of body.

Image Source : Smithsoniam Magzine

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