July 24, 2024

Facebook to implement end-to-end encryption and encrypted backups for Messenger

Select users will be able to test end-to-end encryption on Facebook Messenger at the beginning of next week.

“If you’re in the test group, some of your Messenger chats will be automatically encrypted. You won’t have to opt-in or out of this feature.”

It is a year since Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger were enabled for E2EE calls.

The way encryption works is that it scrambles the data in transit, so no one can read them as they’re sent from your phone to WhatsApp’s servers. Meta-owned WhatsApp explains this process beautifully on their documentation page.

In 2022, Facebook released the ability to have encrypted chats on Messenger. You needed to explicitly turn it on in order for encryption and privacy features that are built into Messenger and Instagram private messaging function.

Private Chat Backups: End-to-End Encrypted

Facebook Messenger’s new feature called Secure Storage allows you to create a passcode or PIN that will be used in case of emergency when restoring your chats.

Further changes encompass the expansion of Facebook’s E2EE trials to Instagram and Messenger. This is an attempt at remaining relevant in an industry that values security above all else, while maintaining your ability to erase messages after a certain time frame.

In addition, WhatsApp is extending the Code Verify safety measures it introduced earlier this March to ensure the integrity of WhatsApp Web.

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