February 8, 2023
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Twitter has denied leaking data rumors

Twitter has cleared that through investigation ,it doesnt found any users’ data sold online by hacking its systems.

Based on investigations which are carried out by twitter no such evidence is found which shows hacking in its system and leaking of user’s data ,this is claimed by twitter.

This comes forward because of multiple reports that shows Twitter data which is belongs to millions of users have been made on sale in some online criminals forums.
They said no password has been sold and moreover any sort of suspision activity or multiple account user has been removed so that there will be ni data leakage of users and privacy of users could be maintained

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But in August ,Twitter has acknowledged that a code which was change in June 2021 introduced a sort of I bug which called API bug that led users to link Twitter accounts to email address or phone number. The flaw has led to leaking of personal information of million user profiles.The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) has announced last month that it is investigating the leak of data pertaining to millions Twitter users worldwide in November which twitter claims is same as exposed in august.
Twitter also claims to be in contact with data protection authorities to check out “said incidents,” while telling users to enable two-factor authentication .
Earlier in january 2022 Twitter has informed some sort of a vulnerability in systems,where their system was automatically telling people which email address or phone number has been linked to given account.Thus leaking a sort of personal information of user.
As personal data of users are being sold on online hacker forums but still twitter denied any sort of hacking in their system and claims that no hacking has been occured there.There was no clue to personal details of the hacker or hackers behind the breach


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