February 8, 2023

Top 10 college degrees that are most regretted and most loved

Top 10 most regretted and most loved college degrees

Not every college degree is worth it . That’s a hard thing to comment upon but it’s the truth. Recently, the ZipRecruiter survey questioned job seekers to find the most regretted and the most loved college degrees.

As years are passing by, this little world we’re residing in is becoming competitive overnight. Money matters in this competitive world and to get money you need to earn it. Most people still clung to the idea of secured jobs but hey! We can’t disrespect people’s choices.

Image Source- Franklin University

In today’s fast-evolving job market, many employees find their college degrees irrelevant and find the need to add on a number of online courses to upskill themselves. A recent ZipRecruiter survey conducted on 1500 job seekers found that 44% regretted their choice of college major or the honours degree. This scenario is the current situation in every nook and corner of the world.

Surprisingly, as per the survey,Journalism turned out to be the most regretted college degree while computer and information science degrees, and criminology degrees were the most satisfying.

Other regretted college degrees are sociology and liberal arts. Degrees which are appreciated include STEM fields including engineering and medical, and others such as finance and psychology.

The survey question asked from the group of job seekers was: “If you could go back in time and select a college major all over again, knowing what you now know about the job market and the skills employers are looking for, what would you choose?”

They had to select one of two options – choose the same major again or choose a different major.


Share of graduates who would choose the same major:

Computer and Information Sciences: 72%

Criminology: 72%

Engineering: 71%

Nursing: 69%

Health: 67%

Finance: 66%

Business Administration & Management: 66%

Construction Trades: 65%

Psychology: 65%


Share of graduates who would choose a different major if they could:

Journalism: 87%

Sociology: 72%

Liberal arts and general studies: 72%

Communications: 64%

Education: 61%

Marketing management and research: 60%

Medical/clinical assisting: 58%

Political science and government: 56%

Biology: 52%

English language and literature: 52%

The reason that job seekers love or regret their college degrees later in life is due to the fact that STEM jobs are usually the highest-paying . Degrees in computer science and related fields are high in demand in the digital space and the average salary is pretty high as well.

Even though fields like communications and marketing management are growing sectors, both of these come under the top 10 regretted college degrees. This is likely because these are wide fields and those who are satisfied with their jobs would be earning around 1.6 times to 3 times more than the job seekers who are regretting their degrees.

But let’s not forget that there is competition even in the above listed non regret college degrees. People fail in those degrees too. Have a proper vision and roadmap of your future before you take any degree.

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