February 8, 2023

Satin, Satin, Satin – Why Satin is the Number 1 Clothing Material in the Emerging Fashion Industry

From the ’90s satin dresses and button-down shirts to sarees, dresses, pants and crops, it is the new favorite fabric from head to toe of every gender.

If you hop around popular fashion stores and look at their collection, you wouldn’t miss any satin fabric. Satin is the most favorite fabric for any clothing these days. There is no doubt that Satin is going to be the trend in the future too. It all started last Spring when satin mini-dresses with cowl necks came back into style and quickly became summer favorites.

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But Satin is not only restricted to summer,the trend continues into winter, mixing midi satin dresses with sweaters, more satin midi skirts and even button-up collared skirts emerging with the satin fabric trend. It is here to stay, but it didn’t just come out of nowhere, Satin has always been an elegant and sought-after fabric for decades, but it has evolved in how people wear it.

Fashion is cyclical-it comes and goes. Say for instance, it was not long ago when skinny jeans were such a trend and now it’s a hi to the wide legged bottoms. If you’re from India and you go out with the wide leg jeans , you’re definitely going to hear the comment that goes by,“ You’re wearing pants which Amitabh Bachhan used to wear in his time”.

Again if you look at the bell sleeved blouses, those are not a new invention. These blouses used to be the trend during the 90s and now look, every model teaming up their sarees with these blouses.

Satin – the glittering beauty was also a trend during the ancient times and look, satin made a great comeback. Now almost the majority of the clothing materials are made out of satin fabric.

The amazing fact is Satin is now not only for women. Yes, you heard it right. Satin fabric is now used in the manufacture of men’s wardrobes too. You can witness a wide range of collection of satin shirts in Peter England. So if you are looking for gift ideas for your man,brother or any male, then dang girl! Rush to the store and grab satin shirts.

Satin is now basically the “lion” of the Fashion Jungle. Satin Sarees, outfits, dresses, shirts and a lot more are debuting in the fashion industry.

Hush! You can’t deny that satin nightwear is basically the hot spice missing in your bedroom. Nykaa and Zivame has got your back to add the missing element.:)

All the satin trends everywhere in real and reel life, is the sign for you to insert satin clothes in your wardrobe and rank up your fashion game.

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