October 6, 2022

RE-EMERGENCE OF CARGOS – Cargo pants made a huge comeback


Tiktok and Reels are flooded with women wearing cargo pants.

Cargo pants, yes you heard it right. Cargo pants made a huge comeback and we can’t help but scream at this comeback. Skinny jeans were the dominant rulers everywhere a few years back until the appearance of the GOAT- Wide Leg Pants. These pants developed huge popularity and I bet each and every female had at least one in her closet.

Women in cargos

2021’s interest in the Y2K era has given rebirth to cargo pants and we are not disappointed with the several reinventions of the cargo pants. Cargo pants are the literal celebrity obsession – from Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa to Zendaya, everyone slays in cargo pants. If they can welcome the cargo pants, then why should we stop ourselves?

Zendya in cargo pants

Zendaya in her cargo pants

Hailey bieber in her cargo

Hailey Bieber in her cargo

Cargo pants definitely top up the style definition along with comfort. Be sure to own a cargo this season and be the pinterest aesthetic girl

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