April 1, 2023
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Harry Styles – pop star or a fashion icon?

The ‘As it was’ singer – Harry Styles is definitely a heartthrob of every youth. You can find every teenager vibing to Watermelon sugar or your Instagram reels getting flooded with ‘As it was’ audio. Harry can’t be described enough with words like regular, typical, etc. He won every heart of youth with his blockbuster albums and singles long back but now he started to win again the already won hearts with his fashion statement. The whole youth and internet goes gaga with his every fashion statement drop. Everyone who looked at his dressing sense would notice that although his dressing sense is different from the normal trend but he doesn’t wear whatever. He tries to represent himself through his outfit. The outfits he chose to wear have a combination of several style origins – for eg the Eccentric and the retro vibe. Harry has tried or is planning to try every possible style combination.

If we scroll through Harry Styles’ insta feed, we notice that his outfits are mostly consists of geometric prints and patterns.

The ex one direction star Harry Styles has stepped into Hollywood with the highly anticipated thriller Don’t Worry Darling. The film had its epic premiere at the Venice Film Festival and Styles rocked the event with his fabulous outfit.

 Styles underwent several fashion transformations and we were waiting for more new fashion trends. Styles proves that style can’t be boring and dull. No matter why Taylor Swift sang,” We never go out of style”.

 The iconic pop star Harry Styles doesn’t only remain limited to pants and jumpsuits. He even puts himself together with accessories such as necklaces, earrings, big boots etc. Below are some of my personal favourite outfit of his. Have a look, maybe it becomes your fav too.

1. Brit Awards Red Carpet 2021.

This is my most favourite outfit of his. The patterns are just wow and the caramel colour of the outfit makes it deliciously beautiful. Not to mention, the brown bag adds more power to the outfit.

2. Performance at Apple Music Festival 2015

The shirt steals all the attention of the show. The half buttoned shirt and his long hair go by like bread and butter.

3. iHeart Music Radio Festival 2017

The geometry and the patterns visible on the outfit are beyond explanation. This outfit is just wow and the outfit suits him in such a way that the outfit was meant for only him.

4. Performing at Coachella 2022

I can’t find anyone who would not appreciate this outfit. This outfit is just super outstanding. The whole sequined outfit just added more glamour to the show.

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