February 8, 2023

A possible data breach being reviewed by Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond said that there was a possible data breach in the company

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc were of the view that there was a possible data breach in the company. The company on Friday said that a third party had improperly accessed its data through a phishing scam this month. The data was breached by accessing the hard drive and certain shared drives of one of its employees.

The big-box retailer said it was reviewing the data that was accessed so it can determine whether the drives contained any sensitive or personally identifiable information.

The home goods retailer added it has no reason to believe that any sensitive or personally identifiable information was accessed and this cybersecurity incident would likely not have a material impact on the company.

Image Source- reuters

Shares of the company, once considered a so-called “category killer” in home and bath goods, were down about 5% in premarket trading after the company filed to offer $150 million of common stock.

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